1. Customer provide printed sticker file or actual finished product

2. Contact information (company or individual)

3. Provide the following relevant: 

A. Size

B. Color ( CMYK or Pantone sport )

C. Material

D. Quantity

Send the above information by email or parcel, we will contact you once received.

 Artwork check

We will confirm the content with you by email and completed after confirmation by the customer

*For file specifications, please review the documentation and information first 

*Can provide digital proofing or actual proofing according to customer requirements 


The order is established as follows : 

* Fax : Sign the quotation and return Fax the order to complete the order 

* E-mail : Sign the quotation and return email the order to complete the order 



Printing after the order is placed


Delivery method : 

1. get the goods by customer self ( Pay cash or remit money before picking up ) 

2. Freight( Shipment or cash on delivery after remittance ) 

Payment methods : 

1. Pay in cash 

2. Cash on delivery 

3. Delivery after remittance

*Welcome to call ask for free shipping area