Paper properties and machining


Material color:

1. White series:PVC Hight Golss Paper、White Synthetic Paper、Vellum Elite、Art Paper、Pearl Paper、Brittle label、White Polyester Label、Ribbon(Satin) Label

2. Transparent series:PP Transparent、PET Transparent、PVC Transparent、PE Transparent

3. Silver series:Silver color VOID(security label)、Metalized Glossy(Matte) Silver Polyester Label、Metalized Glossy(Matte) Silver Foil Paper

4. Gold series:Metalized Glossy(Matte) Silver Polyester Label、Metalized Glossy(Matte) Silver Foil Paper

5. Laser Label:Provide a variety of line and colors

6. Other:Arailable in a variety of materials


Material withstand temperature:

1. Normal temperature:Various materials for normal temperature

2. Low temperature:Waterproof materials and refrigerated label are recommended

3. High temperature:For high material, please call us


Waterproof effect:

1. Except Art Paper、Metalized Glossy(Matte) Gold( Silver) Polyester Label、Metalized Glossy(Matte) Silver Foil Paper、Brittle label and paper materials all another are waterproof

2. Coating and Varnishing can achieve surface waterproof


Viscous effect:

1. Easy to remove adhesive:When removed, less residue

2. General adhesive

3. Special adhesive

4. Frozen adhesive:Low temperature resistant self-adhesive surface, making the label not easy to fall off at low temperatures



1. Coating

Matte PP coating、Poly Propylene coating

Description:Cover the printed matter with plastic film, the fog makes the label darker and looks softer, the bright film makes the label more beautiful and achieves surface water resistance

2. Varnishing

Matte varnishing、Glossy varnishing

Description:Varnishing means applying special oil on the label, can be varnishing according to demand, bright oil increases the testure and gloss of the printed matter and the fog oil makes the printed  have no reflective gloss

3. Hot foil stamping

Various color hot foil stamping and stereoscopic hot foil stamping

Description:Printed materials have a metallic texture and enhance the aesthetics

4. Back half glue

Description:Applicable partial past products highlight the specificity of the product