Die cutting knife (handicraft) by expert workman

  • Die cut block, Die cutting blade, box cutting, fabric cutting, leather cutting, plastic, sticker, gasket, packaging box, sticker printing, and all types of printing.
  • All types of die cut packaging box, paper box, and plastic box.
  • Die cut sticker, brochure, card, pamphlet, hanging sign, paper book cover, plastic file cover.
  • Plastic die cut molding.

There are many grades of wooden base, PVC base, acrylic base, and others for your choices.

If you have any questions, please contact us.

Job characteristics and the possible jobs we can support

  • Provide sample model of the products with details and composition or corrugated fiberboard, PVC box.
  • Files can be sent to us via email or in various ways.
  • File format
  • Send the above information by email or parcel, we will contact you after receiving it.