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- Related requirement detail,ex : Size、Color、Arrangement、Label type,others(Adhesive surface、Back printing、Hot foil staming、Coating、Varnishing).

- Do not use RGB mode. The principle of printing color separation is CMYK so making the file needs to made in CMYK color mode.

- The lowest point of laser plate making masking can set 1%. The dot depends on the operating characteristics so  we will make some fine-tuning to improve the perfection of the prouduct before making plate.

- Notice about die-cut : Blank edge work needs to be smaller than die line 1mm,if it is full of color work, need to bleed 1.5mm to avoid the possibility of offset in die-cut.

- Digital proofing is different from the printing principle of actual printing equipment,the color different will be with in 10%.

- About black color blocks at work,ex : Bar code、text、QR code,please use K100%,other values are 0,it avoid 4 colors overprinting,which makes the prints look bad.

- CMYK is unable to print out special colors (Pantone、Metal color). If your request is a special color, please infoem us and provide a color sample.

- For the color sample,we will use the sample color provided by the customer or our digital proof sample to make the printing standard.

- All of text/fonts in the file need change into outline.

- Special materials,ex : Transparent label,Laser label,PET(silvergold) label,need to print white background,please make the white ink range when making the manuscript,or make a black draft.

- The label material may cause a slight change in color during printing,so it will vary depending on the color of each material substrate and a slight color change.

- If the work requirements of the finished product needs to be rolls or single pieces, please informus in advance.

- For printed artwork,the customer must ensure that his or her entrused printing has the legal right and dose not infringe the rights or intellectual property of others,if a third party claim rights,it should be resolved by the customer.All relevant attorney fees and litigation costs are the responsibility of the customer and must compensate the company for all damage caused by it.

Pantone color chart download